Rules & Regulations (also to be used for Departure Checklist) -

Fire Exits
The Hirer is responsible for making sure ALL their group knows the evacuation procedure and where the fire exits and fire assembly point is.

No smoking allowed in the building.

Cars to be parked in the car park only.  No cars to be driven on to the paved area at the front of the building whilst children are present when unloading or loading at beginning or end of hire.

Keys to the main door and a window key will be provided for use during your stay. The vehicle gate under the bridge is not locked when the site is in use.  All vehicles and personal property are the responsibility of the individual.

Please report any breakages or damage on your departure so this can be sorted out for the next group arriving.  Hirers are liable for any damage or breakages and may be charged.

Must be clean and wiped out on departure.

No food to be left at the Centre on departure.

To be wiped out and left open on departure.

To be emptied and left closed on departure.

Please leave the dishwasher door open on departure.

Equipment, utensils and whole area to be kept clean and tidy at all times.  Tea towels, dishcloths, scourers, oven gloves ARE NOT provided. Floor to be swept and mopped on departure.

Please ensure all rubbish is wrapped and disposed of INSIDE skip provided.  Please do not throw bags on top of the skip. No rubbish to be left in Centre on departure.

Please ensure all lights are switched off when not in use.

ALL areas to be swept clean and tidy.  All tables and chairs to be put away on departure.

Cleaning Materials
All equipment required for cleaning is kept in the staff cleaning cupboard. There is also a hoover provided.

First Aid Room
This is to be used for First Aid only.  You will need to bring your own First Aid kit.  Ensure any used first aid dressings are wrapped well and hygienically disposed of.

Toilets / Showers
Are to be kept clean and tidy at all times.  NO washing up to be done in hand washing basins in the toilet areas. Please ensure floors are swept out / mopped on departure.

Toilet Rolls
There will be an initial supply only.  Hirers are responsible for further supplies

Absolutely NO open fires.  Off ground barbecues may be used but not on the paved areas. During high risk fire periods barbecues are strictly forbidden (notices will be posted in this event).

We do not employ cleaners and strongly rely on the goodwill of all users to leave the Centre as you would wish to find it.

 In Case of Emergency -

 Bidwell Centre - Tena Bragg - 01842 810152 / 07742 375579
or Stephen Hunt -
01842 761130 / 07881 917047

Campsite - Duty Warden  07843 106641 or Campsite Manager, Alan Cox 07961 949046